Mark Mauvais is a Psychic and Telepath based in the heart of England. He has had a keen interest in the paranormal for many years after a terrifying experience with a residual ghost at an early age. Over the years Mark Mauvais has sought evidence of the Paranormal and has investigated numerous ghost sightings and collated much data on Psychic phenomenon (or Psi) and as a result has developed his own telepathic abilities to impressive levels.

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Quite simply put: Extrasensory Perception (or E.S.P) is the ability to perceive information from outside of the five senses. Some people don't believe in Extrasensory Perception... just as some people don't believe we've been to the moon! By the standards applied to any other area of science E.S.P. has statisically been proven to exist. Ever since the Parapsychology boom in the 1930’s there have been a number of scientific experiments into psychic phenomenon and Extrasensory Perception. Its something we can all do.

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We have all heard things that go bump in the night, we’ve all felt that spooky feeling that there is an unknown presence in the area. That chilling feeling when you know that you are not alone. Is there life after death? What happens to the soul after the body stops working? Can Ghosts and Spirits make it through to our plane of existence? Check out Parapsychologist Mark Mauvais’ research and Paranormal investigations and you too can learn how we hunt for evidence of the Paranormal.

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