Super Soviet Psychic Spy: Nina Kulagina

We can't really talk about Telekinesis without mentioning the infamous Nina Kulagina. During the cold war the USA and the Soviet Union were in direct technological competition as both sides sought to build bigger and better weapons than each other. The cold war in a nut shell. The KGB, the Soviet intelligence agency pumped millions of roubles into researching paranormal activity and psychic phenomenon. The most famous of all there discoveries was the Russian telekinetic Nina Kulagina who could famously move inanimate objects using telekinesis, but more terrifyingly could stop a beating heart with her mind!

I have spend many weeks pouring myself into copies of the leaked KGB files, as well as numerous reports by respected scientists, two of whom were Nobel laureates, to extract any and all information that I could about how Ms. Kulagina was able to perform such impressive feats using only the power of Telekinesis (or Psychokinesis). You can see why the KGB would be so interested in a woman who could stop hearts with her mind, think of the potential applications in warfare and espionage...

"Oh no, I'm having a heart attack. Bloody communists!"

What makes Nina Kulagina such an interesting case study is that she was examined by over forty different scientists under strict laboratory conditions. She would often be strapped into machines and monitors which would measure physical changes in her body including accelerated and altered heartbeat and brain waves. We also know that she would spend some time meditating before these feats and would go into a trance like state. Other symptoms recorded included lower back pain and a temporary blurring of sight.

For me the question was: How can we take what we know about Nina Kulagina and use this information to boost our own psychic power?