They make you stick Ping Pong balls over your eyes...

Still many people I meet in the street don't believe in ESP and think that what I do is somekind of trick. When I tell them that Extra Sensory Perception has been proved to exist in the lab then they say things like "I think I would know about that" but the startling fact is most poeple don't!

The Ganzfeld Experiment consists of two participants in separate rooms trying to communicate with each other using telepathy. Person A is deprived of sensory input and is bathed in a red light whilst person B views images on a TV screen and attempts to relay them to the next room. Person A vocalises any words or feelings felt during the telepathic transmission which are recorded on tape or whatever. These telepathic thoughts and feelings are then compared with the original images send from Person A. The results are astonishingly accurate. Time and time again the Ganzfeld experiments have yielded results that deviate from randomness to a significant degree.

Over the course of thousands of experiments, by the standards applied to any other science, ESP has been proven to exist.