After my last post about spoon bending quite a few people on Twitter have been messaging me asking “How do I train in telekinesis?” or “How do I learn psychokinesis” so I decided that rather than writing out lots of individual replies I would write up a quick guide so you too can learn how to develop your telekinetic ability.

The first tool for any aspiring 'telekinetic' such as yourself is the 'Psi Wheel' they can be bought from shops, but I wouldn't waste your money, not when you can make one in your bedroom form shit you have lying around the house. Grab a post-it, some blue tack and a sewing needle:

Boom. You have your very own Psi Wheel.

Now the aim of the Psi wheel is to rotate the paper on the tip of the needle using only your psychic energy. By focusing your attention in the wheel you will be able to make it move, it will be difficult at first but don't beat your self up, I mean if you did it first time the email me immediately, we'll make a fortune together! When you have mastered getting the wheel to spin around and are able to do it without putting your hands near to the wheel try 'turning up the difficulty setting' and place a jar or glass over it...